ButterUp Instaglow Face Pack

ButterUp Instaglow Face Pack
This face pack is a natural & holistic blend, which reduces the appearance of fine lines & blemishes, when used regularly it promotes healthy, smooth and a radiant skin. Sandalwood, turmeric & saffron are known since ages as fairness ingredients while orange peel & Rose petals give your skin a natural glow,a dash of peppermint gives an instant refreshing feel after a day out in the sun.
How To Use


This beautifully blended 100% natural face mask is just like your home made mask but with better ingredients. Take some from the jar and apply well all over face and neck. You may get a tingelling feeling on your face and that’s just the refreshing feeling from the peppermint. Rinse off after it dries out. Recommended to use this Face mask after using the ButterUp Orange and Cinnamon Face Scrub. Ready for some glowy skin!!

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