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Hair dandruff is a common scenario that has been bothering people all across the world. If you’re facing such peculiar concerns too, then try our Rosemary and Jojoba Dandruff Control Hair Oil. It helps in restoring the health of your scalp by curbing excessive oiliness and greasiness as it dissolves sebum and impurities clogging your hair follicles. The oil also assists in the blood circulation in the scalp which is necessary to stimulate hair growth. The presence of Jojoba oil as the prime ingredient works as an excellent solvent which drastically minimises dandruff in your hair. Then, there is olive oil which restores the natural health of the scalp by fighting away free radicals. Quite a powerpack for you!


For an immediate and effective results out of our Rosemary and Jojoba Dandruff Control Hair Oil, use this method

  • Take few drops of the oil on your hand.
  • Gently massage it into your hair hair.
  • Make sure you cover the entire scalp.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes or even better, let it stay overnight.
  • Shampoo well after the treatment.