Brand bathitup

Neemli Matcha Lip Scrub

Rs. 325.00

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Matcha Lip Scrub is sure to be the best buddy of your lips! Ask us why? Because it’s 100% natural ingredients strongly fight against dark pollutants and lip darkening elements. Matcha (form of Green Tea) being the prime material in the scrub helps you address chapped, flaky and unhappy lips. Indeed their happiness matters! The raw sugar and sea salt of Matcha Lip Scrub assists with smooth exfoliation and getting rid of dead cells!

How To Use

Your lips deserve as much care as your other parts of the body. Checkout the following method to put Matcha Lip Scrub in the best use for your lips.--Take the Matcha Lip Scrub in your hand. -Use your fingertip to collect a small amount of scrub and apply it on your lips. -Spread the scrub around. -Make sure you cover all the area of your lips. -Wash it off or lick it away. It’ll work great in both ways.