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Science has had made numerous efforts to offer your skin the best treatment it requires. But guess what? We’re a step ahead. No kidding! Our Mintastic Scrub comes with Salicylic acid which is present in mint that helps in curing acne. You can add this to your routine in the shower and it’ll help clear out patchy and itchy skin every single time. A mint sugar scrub is the perfect way to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated without any unnecessary chemicals or false promises.


Scrubbing is a usual demand of your skin, just the way drinking water is needed by your body. Yes, it’s that important. Follow our route and enjoy flawless skin forever

For those who’ve dry skin

Take a teaspoon of the powder and mix it with any oil or with the Manaste blend of oils in a bowl. Stir it to make a paste. Massage it on your face/ body for a few minutes. Rinse well. 

For normal or oils skin

Put about one teaspoon of powdered scrub in a bowl and add a few drops of water or the Manaste Reneverate Mist. Stir it to make a paste. Massage it on your face/body for a few minutes. Rinse well.