Witch Hazel & Vetiver Facial Toner 100 ml


This powerpack of goodness can give your beauty regime, the terrific start it deserves! Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner is created out of herbal water blend, filled with Vetiver water which is a natural astringent that even minimises dark spots. Want to fight pollution-related concerns from your skin? Allow our facial toner to do the necessary needful. This 100% natural toner is absolutely fragrance and alcohol free without any of those nettlesome fillers. Get one for yourself to know more of its benefits.


To utilise our Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner in the best way possible for your skin, follow this method:-

  • Clean your face with a face wash.
  • Apply the toner evenly all over your face and neck. Let it stay.
  • Use it as and when needed during the day.
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