No 84 Cupcake Soap

625.00 475.00

An adorable handmade cupcake-shaped soap, rich in glycerine to keep skin soft and clean. This is a decadent treat for a gift, as a guest soap or to decorate your bathroom with. The signature scent of our No. 84 collection is inspired by classic rose with a modern twist. The scent is a complex blend of rose, tea, violet, jasmine, iris, powdery cedar, amber and musk – it is a delight for rose and non-rose lovers everywhere.


These handmade cupcake soaps look adorable either in their little boxes or out on display, but as tempting as it is to just stop and stare, they were made to be used. Remove from the box, peel away the paper case and gently lather up between wet hands as it cleanses your skin and releases the wonderful scent of No. 84