Matcha & Aloe After Shave Moisturizer 50 ml


Totally clean and ready to party? But hey, you forgot something essential. You didn’t apply the after shave moisturizer and believe us, it’s extremely important for your skin. Do it with our Matcha and Aloe After Shave Moisturizer which is a terrific hydrating lotion, used to soothe and heal! It contains Matricaria flower oil and Geranium oil that is rich with antibacterial properties and a fragrance you are bound to fall in love with! You can also rely on it for acne treatment. Thanks us later!


Things have their own way of working on you if only you choose to use them appropriately. Got the hint? Now follow this method:-

  • After you’re done shaving, take a good amount of the moisturizer in your hand.
  • Apply generously and evenly all across your face and neck.
  • Let it stay.
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