Charcoal & Kokum Butter Hydrating Bathing Bar 75 gms


Can’t stop complaining about how dry your skin is and how fed up you are of it? We say, don’t be unfair on your pretty skin. It only deserves some good pampering session. Do it with our Charcoal and Kokum Butter Bathing Bar. It will detoxify your skin by removing toxins and impurities deep within the pores. The antimicrobial and disinfecting qualities help in protecting your skin from unwanted bacteria. It’s among our finest bathing bars that are rich with all natural ingredients and without any added fragrance. Only till you experience it yourself, will you know it’s best benefits.


Put the king ingredients.i.e Charcoal and Kokum Butter, at work for the smoothness of your skin by using this method-

  • Get in the shower.
  • Take the bar in your hands and lather with water.
  • Apply evenly all across your body.
  • Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.
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