Caffeine & Cucumber Under Eye Cream 15 ml


You’ve been taking an awful amount of stress in life and even lesser sleep! Shocked on how we know it? Well, your eyes secretly shared this update with us that you aren’t looking after them. Hence, here’s our Caffeine and Cucumber Under Eye Cream to let off those under eye circles. Caffeine being the prime ingredient stimulates blood which effectively brightens the area below eyes, while the cucumber oil works towards refreshing and hydrating the same area. And guess what! It’s 100% natural and free from petrochemicals or animal products. Love it, don’t you?


Want to get rid of those lousy dark circles under your eyes and earn your beauty back? Give this method a try:-

  • Wash your face with a good face wash.
  • Use your face toner.
  • Apply the face serum evenly.
  • Take a good quantity of our under eye cream and apply lightly around the eye area.
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