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We just think that this sweetie jar full of mini bath bombs is the cutest thing on earth (well kittens might be cuter). Not only does it look adorable in your bathroom but the mini bath bombs inside are a sweet treat for your bath time. Sugared Violet sparkles with the sweetness of childhood memories, conjuring swings and see-saws, as you soak in the tub.


Whilst these look amazing sat in your bathroom the mini bath bombs might be offended if you just stare at them. When you're running your bath just take the lid off the jar, steal a moment to breath in the sweet scent and then select a few to add to the water. It's up to you (and the size of your bath) on how many you use but we would suggest 3-4 don't just take our word for it though. Remember: these may be in a sweetie jar and look like bon-bons, they might be pretty and sweet but they aren't for you to eat!