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Weather nowadays is increasingly becoming a challenge for your hair to remain healthy. To top that, are you sure you’re doing the best to look after them? Allow our Orange & Ginger Shampoo to pitch in for some resourceful help! Ginger root oil, the prime ingredient, contains active compounds that vitalizes dull and dry hair. No wonder it’s named as “the most complete antioxidant ingredient”! Remember how in the ancient eras ginger was considered to be a supreme choice of Ayurvedic treatment? With our Orange and Ginger Shampoo, we’re bringing back the terrific good old days!


Hop on our ride to give your hair the type of care they are worthy of, the kind of pampering no other product can offer. Here’s how you can use Orange & Ginger Shampoo:-
  • Take your regular shower.
  • Pour small quantity of the shampoo and massage it onto wet hair and scalp.
  • Once it lathers, rinse clean.
  • Follow up with Conditioner that’ll leave your hair fresh and shiny.