3 Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Products a Best Choice

Veganism is more than a diet. Generally, vegans shun ingredients and products related to animals throughout their lives including skincare items. If you are in a search what make vegan skincare in India different from traditional products, you are on the right page. The recent decade has witnessed a great food revolution and similar can be said about beauty products. People have demanded clear understanding, transparency and safety when it comes to the skincare products. Thanks to this global shift in the mindset of people which gave birth to an entirely new division of skincare vegan products in India.

Did you have any clue that your skincare products consists of animal ingredients? Don't blame yourself if you didn't, as it's not easy as picking food items and determine whether it's vegan or not.

What is the True Meaning of Vegan Skincare India?

As we know, there are lots of jargons playing around vegan products that may confuse you and “cruelty-free product” is one such instance. As a result many people believe that they are related and refer to the same thing. Simple and plain vegan skincare means lack of animal components, instead cruelty-free are the products that has not been tested on animals.

In simpler words, there is a possibility that a vegan item may have been examined on the animals and a cruelty-free skincare product may comprise of animal ingredients.

Unwrapping Animal Ingredients versus Vegan Products India

Handful of the common ingredients derived from animals and present in beauty products are as follows:

  • Lanolin, wax obtained from wool of sheep
  • Carmine - made from crushed up bugs
  • Honey and Beeswax - produced by bees
  • Ambergris - originates from whale's vomit
  • Squalene - obtained from shark liver oil
  • Gelatin - derived from pig or cow ligaments, bones or tendons
  • Placenta- present in sheep organs
  • Allantoin - cow urine

However the above mentioned ingredients are harmless but they are not a wiser choice when it comes to apply it on your body parts. Animal derived ingredients have never been proven a superior choice when an alternative like vegan organic skincare do exist.

This term “vegan beauty products” identical with “plant-based" could be misleading sometimes. Vegan organic skin care force us to imagine greenery all around and, as a result, healthiness, which may not certainly the case.

For instance, chips are also vegan but they are completely unhealthy. This is same with the vegan products India. We can't trust them blindly if your vegan skincare product has the label of vegan as cruelty-free component make it unhealthy. The ingredients list might consists of toxic fillers and chemicals.

Why to Use Vegan Skin care India?

If you check the behind of any of your beauty product, possibility is high that you may encounter an extended list of toxic chemicals which are completely alien to you. Most of these synthetic ingredients may have detrimental effects in a long run if applied regularly. In fact, few of the conventional beauty product may lead to allergic reaction and even skin irritation.

Let's check out some of the few reasons why you should switch from your traditional skincare to vegan products India:

Parabens may Cause Cancer

Many studies have suggested that this ingredient which is used as preservative in most of the skincare products is linked to certain types of cancers. However, the debate is never ending about Parabens, the wiser choice is to consider the expert advice while choosing your best vegan skincare product that you may get at Bathitup for free. In this way you'll not only avoid the usage of vegan products consists of parabens but also the other toxic chemicals like phthalates that may lead to various health related issues due to the presence of high toxicity.

"Natural" may be Deceptive

Most of the traditional products that claims to be a vegan products in India may not be that natural. Hence, if you are purchasing any sunscreen, soap or lotion and it is labeled with a word natural, be cautious! In such scenario, one should check the list of ingredients carefully. Certainly, the product may have naturally derived essential oils or chemicals, but it may also consists of artificial chemical agents as well.  

Harmful Preservatives in Conventional Products

As most of the traditional products comprises of synthetics and preservatives which is responsible for depositing toxins in your bloodstream, the finest choice it to shun them right away and switch to vegan organic skincare.

Only the most expensive vegan products India doesn't need to be the best options. Here at Bath It Up you may get some of the best vegan skin care that too with an easy navigation.  Thus explore the website and get yourself altogether a new experience while searching your vegan skincare.