Tub therapy is real, with no rocket science behind!

Who needs any convincing that taking a hot bath is the ultimate, most accessible and affordable mood booster. Many of us have been using tub therapy for as long as we can remember. The ritual is addictive: the sound and sight of the tap gushing with hot, steamy water; the smell of essential oils; flickering candles; the “do not disturb” physical and symbolic effect of that closed bathroom door and the feeling of stepping in and submerging into what feels like liquid love. Yum! 

You don’t need to be an wealthy spa junkie to reap the benefits. There are no fancy gadgets, kit or courses to buy; there is no extortionate membership to pay for or huge time commitment. And there are few pleasures to rival the innate idleness and the exquisite stillness of a hot bath. While the wellness world bombards us with the latest treatments and gimmicks, healing and revitalising baths have stood the test of time. 

Have your accoutrements at the ready. Reading material, candle, towel and pyjamas. For some, there’s usually a book involved, a paperback with a towel nearby to dry wet page-turning fingers and grab the mug or wine glass. You’re welcome!

Other times, when feeling fraught, just lie there staring at your toes pressed up against the end of the bath, occasionally glancing at the dancing candle to give your chattering mind something to follow and focus on. Choose your bath additive carefully – salts, muds or oils – according to mood and need.

Beneficial bathing candles from BathItUp calm the nervous system and boost our bodies from the inside out. During a bath, warm water opens pores, allowing these nutrients to be absorbed and drawing out pollution, impurities, toxins and dirt. 

Bathe for 15-20 minutes to let the ingredients do their magic and then slather the most suitable body oil available at BathItup which you can afford on to damp skin. 

Do tell us, how did this self-love session go!