Right makeup skills for a more toned face

No. Don’t judge us. We love your cheeks and are in no favour of stereotyping. However, don’t we all appreciate the beauty of a toned face? Exactly. You know it now. And since, makeup is powerful enough to cover any blemishes or undesired dark circles, we figured a few easy ways to get a fine look that define your features more prominently! They are easy, effective and don’t demand you to diet. Yaaaas! With BathitUp’s makeup essentials, let’s get going with the magic! 

Focus on the Apples

You’ve most likely heard this blush tip 101: Applying blush directly to the apples of your cheeks will make your cheeks appear fuller and more youthful. 

Go for Muted Tones

Turn to a muted-tone bronzer or powder to sculpt your face under your cheekbones, jawline and around your forehead. 

Less is More

When trying to create slimming features, contouring is a key factor, but it’s something that can be accomplished with cream products that are applied correctly and blended into the skin to illuminate your natural beauty—the secret is, it doesn't have to be overdone! 

Start Your Foundation in the Middle

it’s smart to apply a minimal amount of your foundation, keeping the majority of the product throughout the middle of your face (starting at your nose) and thoroughly blending the foundation outward. 

Take over Contouring

All you need to create a serious contouring effect is a cream-based product that is two-to-three shades darker than your natural complexion. 

Hello Highlighting

Using a fan brush with a little highlight, apply a very minimal amount to your upper cheekbone area, just above the outer area of your eyebrow and the Cupid's bow. This is going to bring focus to the highest points of your face and help in creating the illusion of a thinner face. 

Bronze is a hit

Focus on areas like the hollow of your cheeks to create more pronounced cheekbones, and adding bronzer on the sides of your nose to create the illusion that it’s slimmer, or bronzer on the bottom of your jaw to instantly create a lift and slenderize! 

Finish Off With a Mist

This will take away any kind of a powdery look, add hydration and set the makeup.