Our 3 Best Sellers- Rose & Co.


This beauty balm is a real all-rounder wrapped in pure femininity. When we asked Rose Petal Salve fans how they use the balm they astounded with over 25 different ways to use the beauty balm. From lip gloss, lipstick primer, cheekbone enhancer and eye brow tamer to calming sleep salve, insect bite and blister rescue, there are no end to its uses. There’s always a tin of Rose Petal Salve to the rescue! 


How to use

Apply anywhere on your body for moisturizing and soothing benefits and a classic rose scent. Some suggested uses: Lip gloss, lipstick primer, glossy eyelids and lashes, cheekbone enhancer, eye brow tamer cuticle balm, soothing tender noses, taming stray baby hairs, dry skin rescue, calming sleep salve, soothing blisters… the list goes on. Let Rose Petal Salve be your little beauty hero in a tin.




Rose & Co Peony Rose Body Lotion is a delight for your body. Use this everyday for smooth, moisturised skin! Added bonus is that this lotion leaves a little glitter on your body to keep you shining like a star all day long!


How to use

After a bath, pour some lotion onto your hands and rub it all around your body. Reach the dry areas and nourish with this lotion. Finish with rubbing it around your hands. We promise it will leave your skin feeling soft and supple like that of a baby's all day long! Added bonus- it leaves behind subtle glitter and hint of roses throughout the day!



The Carnation Hand Cream is enriched with Vitamin Pro-V5 and Shea butters for deep nourishing and Vitamin E to protect against damage. Carnation is an iconic and traditional floral fragrance full of spicy floral notes with a touch of pepper and clove.You will keep smelling your hands all day because of this amazing floral scent!


Screw open the cap and take some cream into your hands. Rub all over your hands and massage gently paying special attention to dry areas between your fingers. Your hands will love the nourishing Shea butters and your senses will be eased by the ever so special scent of the floral hand cream!