Tested! The Best Hand Creams for this winter.

With the temperature starting to drop, it’s time you roll up your sleeves for some genuine skin care. Because hey, winter skincare routine is as necessary as changing your wardrobe to suit the season! Between the colder air outside and the drier air from the heaters inside, it can do a number on our skin. However, if you try your best to look after yourself, the results can be equally rewarding.
No rocket science. No hustle. Let’s begin an easy-pease route with these 5 powerhouse of hand creams which will help keep your hands hydrated, supple and soft. 
  • No.84 Hand Cream Tube 90ml- One of our bestseller in this range, No. 84 Hand Care Tube 90ml is made of lovely amalgamation of rose, tea, violet, jasmine, iris, powdery cedar, amber and musk. It’s sweet and uplifting, but not too strong. The creaminess creates a healing barrier on the skin which’ll woo your heart in a split second.

  • Hyacinth Hand Cream Tube 90ml- Look who’s winning all the love with it’s goodness of Vitamin Pro-V5 and shea butter- Hyacinth Hand Cream Tube. The consistency is creamy and gets absorbed in a jiffy, which makes it ideal to use all day. It’s non-greasy and works effectively on your hands without leaving anything behind. The formula is perfectly thick and yet absorbs instantly—but most of all, it actually makes skin softer, smoother, and even helps repair brittle nails during harsh weather. Not to forget, the subtle aroma that’s just heavenly!


  • Carnation Hand Cream Tube 90ml- True to its name, Carnation Hand Cream brings together a unique fragrance with a host of secret natural ingredients that offer you complete and natural hand care. The traditional floral fragrance full of spicy floral note is both delicious and refreshing. Give your hands a good dab of moisturizer to ward away dry skin. Bid adieu the days when your hands looked wrinkled and old.


  • Sugared violet hand cream jar 30ml- This little jar of magic cream works for anything and everything, including healing any rough patches you get on your hands in the winter. It has a balm-like texture so it’s more on the positive side and works wonders on dry, cracked hands. What’s more? If cute, fancy hand creams are your thing, this chic-floral scent won’t disappoint while sitting adorably on your dressing table.


  • Lemon bon bon hand cream tube 50ml- While it’s name may sound like a real temptation to stir your appetite, its effect on your skin will be even more satisfying! Oftentimes hand creams are too pungent. But this one has a light, subtle scent that doesn’t battle with your perfume or irritate a sensitive nose. Your hands are left feeling silky soft, without any heavy residue. And trust us, your purse will feel empty without a mini of this product in it at all times!


"These super creams are obsession-worthy: intensely moisturizing without leaving any residue (no greasy fingerprints on your keyboard, thanks)!"

Oh, and did we mention the ingredients list is totally clean? Winners all around!