Facemasks- blessing in disguise

Face masks are clearly having a moment in the trends spotlight—whether you take yours as an on-the-go sheet mask or a bubbling mud pack to indulge your Boomerang fetish, you’ll have a hard time saying no to these easy-peasy beauty staples. Before the usual winter woes of dry skin and dullness come calling, arm yourself with these quick fixes that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to instantly troubleshooting skincare concerns.

Whether you are trying to deal with skin issues that have recently cropped up, or just attempting to unwind after a long day, sometimes a face mask is the perfect cure. Anyone with a good mask library probably has a few different formulas on rotation. But the product you should definitely have in your medicine cabinet? One of the best clay masks. 

From 60-second treatments to overnight masks that help you make the most of your beauty sleep, here are all the face masks you need to be stocking up on as the mercury dips lower. 

  • BUTTERUP INSTAGLOW FACE PACK: For a powerful formula at the fraction of the cost of name brands, the Butterup Instaglow Facepack is a must-buy. Heralded by makeup gurus, celebrities, and Amazon reviewers alike, this clay mask deeply cleanses pores, tightens skin, and banishes blemishes like nobody's business.
  • ILANA ORGANICS REVIVING MOISTURE MASK . POMEGRANATE + CAMELLIA: This one is made with all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about the quality of the product you're putting on your skin. And while you can spread this stuff all over your face when you're in need of some serious rejuvenation, we actually love this mask as an overnight spot treatment. The ingredients help reduce redness and puffiness, taking the air out of any zit you throw at it overnight, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory to balance your overall complexion. It's a mini miracle in a jar!
  • SKIN YOGA SANDALWOOD SAFFRON FACE MASK: Here is a face mask which is the ultimate two-in-one beauty product. Like the name suggests, this powerful formula does miracles of yoga to your facial skin. Here's how: Swipe it on, and let it dry until it feels slightly tacky. Then, splash your face with some warm water, and massage it off in gentle circles. You'll be removing impurities in two ways: On and below the surface.
Protip: Instead of allowing the clay to get completely flakey, make sure to rinse the mask before it dries all the way: You will still get the full benefit of the mask's ingredients without the itchiness and tightness. Thank us later!