Bath It Up presents Manastè

Being a yoga-preneur, healthy living has always been an intrinsic part of Mansi Mahajan’s (Founder, Manastè) regime. Eating wholesome, locally procured, indigenous foods, to wearing organic and sustainable fabrics, using a natural rubber yoga, mat she’s always been passionate about all things natural.

Upon being unable to discover quality natural skincare, especially since she started paying attention to the labels of the un-pronounceable ingredients sitting on the shelves, she got inspired to make a big move. She started whipping up some products right after just for the use of her family. The journey began with some scrubs, which became famous in her friend circle and she never looked back.

With a special interest in dry skin, she sought to experiment with what is now known as “world’s best body butter”, by blending pure kinds of butter and cold-pressed oils and it worked wonders! Manastè came into being, out of the sincerity to share the best-kept secrets of the world, out of the need to simplify skincare. Manastè pledges not adding any ingredients that all us common people cannot pronounce. It’s all-natural, mostly organic and good enough to eat.

The Manastè range of products includes care for skin, body, lips, and hair.

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