Bath It Up presents Dromen & Co.

The name “Dromen” comes from the Dutch language meaning ‘dreams, aspiration, and liveliness’, and through the creation of Dromen products, the team seeks to embody only the purest elements into a healthy skincare range. Highly effective, handy, and made form all things fabulous, Dromen & Co. is a must for your skincare regime.

This skincare range is not only great for women’s skincare needs but it also avidly understands and adapts to the skincare requirements of men. It is known for providing skin with an instant glow with almost no effort! Dromen & Co.’s products are formulated to fit even the most demanding lifestyles; it only takes a few seconds to be applied. They seek to offer a beauty that is not only effective but also on-the-go.

With intense research, they’ve crafted their skincare range with a beautiful blend of ancient beauty recipes and techniques. They offer the goodness of mother nature - its healing properties and purity. They offer products that contain skin-loving ingredients that provide beautiful healthy-looking skin and body.

The heart of this brand is boundless love for beautiful skincare, a playful joy in the exploration of ingredients that make the skin and body supremely radiant and adorable. With a sincere desire to create products that offer effortless nourishment that is much deserved by the skin, they aim towards incorporating ancient traditions and techniques into modern times to offer amazing results.

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