6 Bath It Up bath bombs that you must try right now!

If you’ve been looking up ‘bath bombs India’, you’ve landed in the right place! While the market is loaded with 10 different bath bombs from even more varied brands, the choice often gets clouded. But don’t you worry, we’re here to help you with just that.

While most of you must be aware of how to use a bath bomb, here are some special instructions on how you should use them for best results - when you're dying for a burst of sweetness in your bath, simply unwrap this bomb and add to running water. Let the bath bomb fizz and dissolve as it fills your bathroom with delightful sweet scents. You can choose to go large and use the whole thing or just dip your toe into the sweet water by using half of the bomb. Either way, you're senes are sure to be taken away to a wonderful place.

Read on to find out the best 6 bath bombs India that are currently our clients’ favourites.

1) Strawberry Cupcake Bath Bomb

Indulge in a sweet explosion full of cheerful strawberries and cream scents filled in your bathroom - the scents that take you to the land of fairies and dreams - where all your wishes come true and all your stress starts to melt as swiftly as this bath bomb. Enjoy this ravishing experience to unwind after a long day at work. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here

2) Orange Crush Bath Bomb

Experience a bold yet sweet explosion of summer orange sunshine that fills your heart and takes you to a sunny picnic somewhere idyllic. Let this bright and beautiful creation remind you of your vacations by the beach, amongst endless seas and just the right amount of sun. Use it on a Monday morning to remind yourself of what you deserve even at the beginning of a long-long week. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here https://www.bathitup.com/products/orange-crush-large-bath-bomb?_pos=2&_sid=6f4265ef0&_ss=r

3) Cranberries & Cream Bath Bomb

Explore the sweet scent of refreshing cranberries and sugary Chantilly cream that fill your bathroom and delights your senses. This bath bomb feels like running errands through berry gardens - a paradise full of sweetness. Soak yourself in this rejuvenating fragrance after a wild party or an easy weekend. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here

4) Sweet as Cherry Pie Bath Bomb

Experience what it is like to have sweetness loving you back just as much as you do. The comforting scent of warm cherries, sweet vanilla and almond are sure to fill your bathroom with magical and unexplored fragrances. Immerse yourself in the sweet joy of this delicious-smelling bath bomb. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here

5) Sugared Violet Bath Bomb

We just think that this sweetie jar full of mini bath bombs is the cutest thing on earth. Not only does it look adorable in your bathroom but the mini bath bombs inside are a sweet treat for your bath time. Sugared Violet sparkles with the sweetness of childhood memories, conjuring swings and see-saws, as you soak in the tub. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here

6) Lemon Bon Bon Bath Bomb

Lemon Bon-Bon bath bomb balls fizz with sherbety sweetness in warm water to release a fresh scent that will leave you in sweetshop heaven. Refresh yourself with the freshness of lemon for an experience that is to die for. Shop bath bombs India from Bath It Up right here https://www.bathitup.com/products/lemon-bon-bon-mini-bath-bombs?_pos=8&_sid=6f4265ef0&_ss=r